Who are Scales of the Unexpected?

Little Ian
Ian Bass
Ian trained at Drama Studio London, and he totally did some proper acting like The Importance of Being Earnest and The Taming of the Shrew. Fortunately it turns out that Scales is much more rewarding and he still gets to dress up! He is also an illustrator. His graphic novel, The Vesuvius Club Graphic Edition, adapted from the novel by Mark Gatiss, is in the shops. He does lots of other illustration too for stuff like Ted, Watchmen, Super 8, Hop and the commercial tie ins for Pixar's Brave.
Ian Brandon
Ian is a musician, composer, musical director, actor and teacher. He writes the music and vocal arrangements for Scales of the Unexpected. He has also written original music for many films, plays, musicals and recordings. His many hobbies include travelling, gin, air miles, fine wine, sunny beaches, cool beer and duty free. He once spilled a large glass of Chablis over Superman's Mum!
BRYAN (or if it's cold Brrr-Ian!)
Bryan Pilkington
Bryan spent four years studying to be a doctor before realising he didn't like to look at people's down belows and he'd rather make 'em laugh instead. He trained to be a proper actor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and his theatre credits include Amadeus (Wilton’s Music Hall) and Sweeney Todd (New Ambassador’s Theatre). He is also a dab hand on the cello!

All the heavenly harmonies and masterful medleys are put together by Big Ian and all three Scales contribute lyrics, gags and puns to the show!

Contact all of us at info@scalesoftheunexpected.co.uk